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Pete Movie Beaded Pen

Pete Movie Beaded Pen

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Stand out! Transport yourself back to the beloved '90s era with our 'A Goofy Movie' Doorables Beaded Pens! These pens aren't just writing tools; they're a nostalgic journey back to the classic tale that stole our hearts.

Crafted with colorful beading, each pen showcases iconic and lovable characters from the movie. They're a vibrant tribute to the fun and adventure of their unforgettable road trip. Add a touch of retro charm to your daily notes or desk work with these pens that perfectly capture the essence of the movie.

Whether you're a fan reliving the magic of the '90s or seeking a playful addition to your stationery collection, these pens are a fantastic choice. Surprise a fellow Movie enthusiast with a unique and whimsical gift, making them wonderful presents for anyone who cherishes the memories of this heartwarming Disney classic.

Kawaii Kitty beaded pens come packaged in a reusable holographic zip bag, perfect for gift gifting. The pen writes with black ink. Ink can be replaced, search our shop for refill kits.


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